Redesign of their current website

BigFundr is a Fintech project that believes everyone should have the opportunity to achieve higher investment returns in the safest possible manner. They do this by lending on real estate loans and securitising these loans such that you, their retail investor, can invest in these loans.

Website Design
Webflow CMS
User Research
User Personas
Mobile Responsive
SEO Optimization
The Problem

The client came to us with the intention of changing their website and web app structure and environment. Their current website is built directly on Odoo which is an ERP software.

Because of this, creating and designing new marketing landing pages creates friction between development team and marketing team.

The Design Solution

Plan and re-structure how the information architecture is going to look like using essential research methods and web design best practices.

We took into account all stakeholders' feedback, users' feedback and business objectives to provide a new and refreshed website for them.

The Outcome

Before the change in structure, google analytics show very low rankings for their business keywords. Using Webflow, we are able to customize and adapt to SEO best practice.

At the same time, we are able to cut down design and development time by half after migrating their website to Webflow.

increase in google traffic
lesser bounce rates
more sign ups to web portal
weeks from research to launch

The Process

Research & Analysis | Design | Development

Research & Analysis

Creating the personas

Defining their target audience in this design process is important to achieve better results after the redesign of their website.

We started off with a kick-off session with the stakeholders. And based on this brainstorming session, we are able to identify their target audience.

Their audience spreads over a wide range, but the common denominator among them was they are all willing participants in the investment industry.

They necessarily do not need to have the knowledge because their investment is pretty simple and guaranteed.

Bigfundr - Stakeholders' kick off meeting
BigFundr - Research Analysis

Designing the mockups on our trusted Figma

The next step is to create the wireframes with the data provided.

At every step of the way, our team has been communicating with the stakeholders and their brand agency to ensure that we get the content and layout ready for presentation.

Our main goal for this is to get as many feedback as possible so that we are always aligned with their business goals.

BigFundr - brainstorm session
BigFundr - Low fidelity mockups on Figma

Producing the design themes with their brand guidelines

This is where our team of designers shine with their creativity to enhance the visuals of the mockups.

We attended their 2-day brand agency's workshop to understand how they come up with the brand guidelines and how is it going to be applied to their product.

BigFundr - Brand Agency workshop
BigFundr - Creation of high fidelity mockups on Figma

Developing the website in Webflow based on Figma mockups

After planning out the information architecture, it is time for us to develope the website in Webflow to achieve the pixel perfect design that most designers are aiming for without the help of developers.

Using client-first design system, we managed to cut down the development of the website by more than half the time.

At the same time, the marketing team is able to give input collaboratively while our designer are busy beautifying the website.

BigFundr - creating the site in Webflow
BigFundr - Creating of their Webflow CMS

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