Migrating from Wordpress to Webflow

Partipost was running on Wordpress before converting to Webflow because of their heavy CMS content that drives most of the traffic to their website. But they needed a fresher look to be aligned with their new branding.

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The Problem

Partipost came to us to migrate and redesign their current Wordpress website when they were going through a refreshed branding process.

At the same time, their Wordpress website has been too clunky and forces the website to slow down a lot.

The Design Solution

We plan the full migration process and making sure that all SEO markups were to be fully integrated into their new Webflow website to avoid any ranking loss.

Looking for other solutions to implement their old plugins so that their current users will not be confused if there is any user flow changes.

The Outcome

Page load speed has definitely improved from their last Wordpress website.

Their marketing team from all over South East Asia are able to simultaneously create landing pages for each country respectively without waiting for a development team to design and develop a single landing page.

increase in work efficiency
increase in readers' viewership
more sign ups from brand agencies
CMS items migrated

The Process

Research & Analysis | Design | Development

Research & Analysis

Establishing the new personas

One of the major change that took place in Partipost is the direction that they are moving into.

We have to take into account the kind of content that we will be publishing for the new website to cater to their new target audience but at the same time retain the essence of what Partipost actually is.

Partipost - Creating user persona
Partipost Slide 2

Creating the low-fidelity mockups on Figma

Learning about the personas allow us to design the wireframes around the data presented.

One of the challenges faced is that we have to cater to two different personas; the small business owners (end-users) and marketing agencies.

Partipost - Low Fidelity Mockups
Partipost - Creating mockups

Defining the theme to suit the new target persona

Keeping the personas in mind, we had to come up with a design that is fun, engaging and at the same time, does not lose their corporate aspect in brand messaging.

Creating design theme for Partipost
Hero Banner done on Figma for Partipost
One of the page mockup for Partipost
Partpost Hi-Fidelity Mockup Section
Partipost Hi-Fidelity Mockup

Webflow vs Wordpress

A lot of our clients have been asking us if they should be using Webflow vs Wordpress. It's ok, we know how you feel.

While both Wordpress and Webflow are awesome web builders with almost similar functions, they are actually very different when creating websites. Understanding these differences would help you choose the web builder that you need.

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