Website design cost in Singapore 2024

The cost of building a website in Singapore depends on its complexity and features. For a basic website, expect to pay around S$1,000 - S$3,000.

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Website design cost in Singapore 2024
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Understanding the cost of website design in Singapore

If you are considering to create a website, you need to understand the associated costs that can help you plan your budget effectively.

Basic Website Design

For small businesses or individuals, a basic website that typically includes a few pages and basic functionality is sufficient to have an online presence.

  • Cost Range: S$1,000 to S$3,000
  • Features: Basic layout, limited pages, essential functionality

Usually, the cost for design and developing a basic website can be relatively low because it doesn't require complex features. It is most ideal for small businesses, personal blogs or simple portfolio websites.

Small Business Website Design

For small businesses who require a little bit more functionality and customization to cater to their business needs, engaging a web design agency will probably give you better results. These kind of websites often comes with multiple page designs, custom layouts or design elements and basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) setup.

  • Cost Range: S$3,000 to S$6,000
  • Features: Customized design, interactive features, more pages, basic SEO

These websites are perfect for small businesses that want to establish a professional online presence and engage with their customers through interactive elements.

Corporate Website Design

Most corporate websites are much larger in scale and sometimes have advanced functionality. Other scopes would include extensive SEO work, but this requires other expertise and has a much lengthy process.

  • Cost Range: S$6,000 to S$10,000 or more
  • Features: Advanced functionality (e.g., event registration), multiple sections, custom designs, extensive SEO

Honestly, it depends on what the scale of the business wants to include in their website.

E-Commerce & SAAS Website Design

E-commerce and SAAS website usually has more complex features due to the need of having secure payment gateways, secured member logins, product catalogs and of course, inventory management systems. And each product catalog might need more advanced SEO optimization systems in place.

  • Cost Range: S$9,000 to S$15,000 or more
  • Features: Shopping cart functionality, secure payment gateways, product catalog pages, inventory management, advanced SEO, member logins

The cost of these type of websites can vary significantly based on the factors involved such as number of products, the complexity of features, and the level of customization required.

Hiring a web design agency in Singapore

The next thing to do is, of course, to discuss your specific needs and if you are able to reveal your budget (that would be ideal) with web design agencies in Singapore. They may have different variations of quotations and services but in overall, the pricing should not be too far off from this article.

But if you decide to give a shot at designing a website yourself, you can view our article here: How much will it cost me to build a website myself?


In general there are several factors that can influence the cost of designing your website:

  1. The complexity of your design
  2. Functionality Features
  3. Customized Build
  4. Ongoing Maintenance

In any case, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a website design agency, there will be investment costs. And investing in a well-designed website is definitely essential to create your online presence and achieving your business goals.

You can talk to us and we can assist to give you a customized quote for your website design needs. The least that we can do for you is to give you valuable advice.

website redesign in Singapore

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