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Webflow Vs Wordpress

Webflow vs Wordpress: Which is a better option for you and your organization for your website's needs?

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Webflow Vs Wordpress
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A lot of our clients have been asking us if they should be using Webflow vs Wordpress. It's ok, we know how you feel.

While both Wordpress and Webflow are awesome web builders with almost similar functions, they are actually very different when creating websites. Understanding these differences would help you choose the web builder that you need.

Here is a fun fact: I used Wordpress before and I was actually reluctant to move to Webflow. But now I can safely say, I am proficient in using both platforms.

So let's start comparing them on a high level. Do take note that we are comparing Webflow with and not

Webflow vs Wordpress: On a high level

  1. Security: While Webflow's security is built into its software package, Wordpress allows integrations and plugins (which you have to tinker yourself later on).
  2. SEO Optimization: Customizable within each page settings which makes it easy for SEO partners to configure. Wordpress allows you to install SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO (which is actually a very awesome plugin)
  3. Custom Design: Webflow design is easily customizable without developers' help while Wordpress will require you to have some help from developers to configure and design your website.
  4. Setting up your website: Webflow has many tutorials and even has a bot to help you set up while there is a some sort of a learning curve on how to install Wordpress on your server.
  5. Number of users: Webflow only allows a maximum of 9 users for the highest tier plan while Wordpress allows unlimited users.


We've been hearing this too many times. So, how much will it cost me to run on [insert web builder here]?

Webflow has the advantage here by giving you free access to building your website without paying a single thing upfront. You can find our article explaining Webflow's pricing here.

But let's go through some of the costs involved here.


  • Free to build
  • Hosting costs (USD$ 14 - USD$ 39 per month)
  • Custom Templates (Ranging from USD$ 0 to USD$ 150) or if you need custom design, you will definitely need to hire a Webflow designer


  • Technically free (but you need a hosting first)
  • Hosting Costs (USD$ 5 - USD$ 15 per month)
  • Custom Template (Ranging from USD$ 0 to USD$ 200) or if you need custom design, you will definitely need to hire a developer
  • Plugins (Free to USD$ 200 for premium plugins)

Do I need developers?

Webflow is more accessible to non-developers. Trust us on this. We are not developers. Creating visually stunning websites? Webflow and Wordpress can give you that. Creating a software? We don't think so!

Webflow has the slight winning edge on this one due to the fact that someone who don't understand code, can start designing on their visual editor. Wordpress would require you to have some HTML or CSS knowledge to understand a little bit before you start designing.

But overall, both website builders do not require extensive developing experience if you are starting to create a website.

I just need a blog. Which one should I choose?

We would say go for Wordpress even though Webflow allows you to create blogs as well. The dynamism of Wordpress Blog engine definitely surpasses Webflow's. I mean Wordpress is built solely for blogging purposes.

If I have any issues, what can I do?

Webflow offers customer support but Wordpress doesn't. Technically, because you are paying a monthly fee to Webflow, you benefit from all new updates, new feature developments and etc. With Wordpress being an open source platform, you are pretty much on your own. But there is an awesome Wordpress community out there, which you can look out for.


Ultimately, we believe it is still up to you to make the decision between Webflow vs Wordpress.

It is always wise to plan out the scalability, usage and maintaining of the website before making the jump to any website building providers (we will try to cover this in the next topic).  All of them have their own pros and cons.

And if you need any help, feel free to book a call with us or send us a message. The least we can do is to give you good advice :)

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