Web Design Trends in 2024

Let's dive into the web design trends that us designers are looking at in 2024.

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Web Design Trends in 2024
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Coming to mid year of 2024, and we have seen certain web design trends that are being adopted by companies. Below is a list that we curated that are most popular in Singapore.

Whatever it is, the main importance of having a good website design is to ensure that potential customers are allured to the content, visuals and the confidence that your business instills to your audience.

1. AI-Generated Images

These has been gaining popularity ever since the rise of AI tools like MidJourney, Leonardo AI and many more. These are all good indication that a lot of companies and even design agencies are adopting this new way of creating images to supplement their website designs.

Leonardo AI - AI Image Generator

2. Parallax Scrolling

What is parallax scrolling?

It's a visual effect to add visual interest to your website. Most of the effects revolve around static background while the foreground shifts around either vertically or horizontally. It is quite popular among story telling website designs.

One such example is Delassus Group's Website.

Delassus Group Website

3. Micro Interactions

Simple delights are always welcomed in any website design.

One thing to note is to not always go overboard with your animations and interactions. A good example would be Recruitfirst. They have subtly added few micro animations to their sections and added just enough to allow users to interact with their website.

Recruitment Agency - recruitfirst

4. Typography

The trend of using typography as the main focus of design has been around for quite some time and we think that this is going to be one of the most highlighted trend for many years to come. It is just a matter of how the websites define the type of typography to be used.

Large font sizes has always been something that caught our eye and you can see that in our website pages. But do take note that the message to your audience has far more appeal rather than just super large font sizes with no meaning or context.

Alf Design Group - We create webflow websites

5. Gradient Colour Schemes

Apparently, this trend is very popular among SAAS and e-commerce websites. One of the most interesting fact was that Instagram started this trend with their logo. Even though there were some backlash around this, users grew to accept and adopt this to their website designs.

You can also see an example here in Navro's website.

Navro Website


Singapore designers have adapted very well to the design trends. We have made progress in terms of visuals to portray their skills and in turn, create a delightful experience for both their clients and their users. Let's not lose hope in our local talent and continue to support them in whatever they are doing.

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